The worship service for Sunday, August 2, will be on You Tube at https://youtu.be/CtAcx2qg_aE

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The worship service for Sunday, July 26, is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/-LSnWRotPLk

The worship service for Sunday, July 19, is on YouTube at  https://youtu.be/DRaSVEAK-wk

The worship service for Sunday, July 12, is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/NJJudbWlopQ

The worship service for Sunday, July 5, is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/nPSdTMk8iVc.

New Eden Fellowship strives to …

  • Provide an environment where people are safe and free to search and grow.
  • Express our faith by knowing and serving our community.
  • Study the Bible with the anticipation of life change.
  • Focus on introducing the next generation to the hope of Jesus
  • Work collaboratively with others for a greater Kingdom impact.

9 a.m. Sunday School for all ages  (temporarily suspended)
10:15 a.m. Worship service – social distancing and face masks required

Wednesday:  (temporarily suspended)
6-6:30 p.m.  Youth Group Bible Study and Prayer
6:30 p.m. Youth Group Activities                                                               

6:30 p.m. Prayer time for adults including a study of “Discipleship” by A. W. Tozer

RightNow Media:

New Eden Fellowship participates in a media program called RightNow Media which offers hundreds of videos to participants.  If you would like to join the program, click on  www.rightnowmedia.org/Account/Invite/NewEden.